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The F226831 rotor kit no longer comes with the old and new rotor drive key inserts. Currently they only come with the new type drive key rotor insert which will not work for the older heaters. If your heater is older than 2 years old or more as of 2021 then you need the old style drive key insert. 

This change effects Enerco, Mr Heater, Heatstar, Contractor Series and Dewalt heaters of all sizes and BTU's.

You must have the older style drive key to fix or repair the older models !! 


Has the old drive key insert in stock and ready for fast international shipping

In stock and ready for fast free shipping 

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Old style drive key insert with

 ( SHORT ears or fingers)

23.49 $

F226831 rotor kit with 2 drive keys

( old style and new )

56.00 $